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I Love My Clients!

I love my clients. A testimonial is more valuable than any dollar amount I could make from teaching yoga. 

Much Love. 

Client Reviews 

"Deb is a very intuitive and thoughtful yoga instructor.   She really listens to her students and is considerate of their level of yoga experience and any physical limitations they have while guiding them through their practice.


She generously gives her time, focus and energy to others to help them improve their yoga practice.  She shares her knowledge and experiences with yoga, diet and meditation to help others learn about and make meaningful and healthy changes in their lives.


She teaches her classes from the heart and displays a peaceful confidence that inspires us to continue embracing such a beneficial practice.


I feel grateful and blessed every chance I get to receive her patient and kind instruction in this yoga practice, it’s truly made a life changing impact on me mentally and physically."

E.P. ~ Mission Viejo, CA.

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