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Reiki & Angels

About Reiki, Dobrishan Healing and My Style. 


​Reiki is an ancient form of hands-on or hands-hovering above the body from head to toe while moving and connecting to your energetic body.  A good session will last 45 minutes to an hour depending on your needs. Reiki is an offering of love, acceptance, healing, and the purest goodness to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. I guide Reiki energy via the chakras for your healing session. 

Dobrishan Healing 

​​​Dobrishan is an energetic alternative approach to healing.  The Dobrishan modality used with Reiki enhances your healing energy through the use of various creative techniques, and an acquired mind-body-spirit intuition. With God's blessing, I sit beside you and combine Reiki and Dobrishan techniques, while connecting with Angelic Spirit Guides intuitively channeling divine energy and verbal messages with you.   The experience can seem like a dream arriving to the surface.


Because we store our feelings and emotions in our body, Reiki and Dobrishan techniques can help us restore ourselves to our natural state of being.  Healing comes in many different forms.  This style of healing can assist you in understanding the past, present and give you guidance for the future.


Sound Healing Add-On 

Add on a sound healing experience to your Reiki Session.  You pick what calls to you. 

Crystal Bowls, Koshie Chimes, Tuning Fork, or Brass Bowls laid on the body.

Your Healing Session will be 1 hour at HeartSpace.  We will end with an Angel Reading. $140.00 per session.

Email to Book all Sessions.

Intuitive Angel Guide


As a Certified Angle guide, I connect to Heaven inviting the support of our Angels in assisting with healing and guidance.  Find out what your Angels want you to know.  Our Angels ONLY see us from the light of love and only send us messages of love.  Donation appreciated. ​

Quick, Easy, and Simple. Via ZOOM or in-person.

Book Your Healing Session. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Reiki Healing
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