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Ladies Mini Retreat
Ladies Mini Retreat

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  • Certified 500hr. Yoga Teacher,

    • Yoga Bungalow, San Juan Capistrano 2014 (CYT 200hr)

    • Yoga Renew 2021 (CYT 300hr)

  • Certified Yin Yoga Teacher,

    • Yoga Renew 2021​

  • Reiki Usui Master 

    • Energy Healing​

  • Dobrishan Intuitive Messenger

  • Certified Yoga Tune Up & Roll Model Method ® 2016

  • Bridge To Recovery Yoga Program  ® 2017

    • Teaching to those in recovery: addiction, mental health and pain management

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 2019

    • Palouse Mindfulness​

Additional Areas of Experience  

  • Mantra Sound Meditation

  • Somatic Movement (Yoga)

  • Ayurveda Science of Life 

  • T.F.T. (thought field therapy)

  • Kundlini Yoga

  • Energy Healing 

  • Anatomy

  • Anxiety & Depression disorders

  • Meditation

  • Hands on Stretching/Adjustments

  • Mindfulness Teaching 

  • Pranayama 

  • Shamanic Rebirthing 

  • Buteyko Breathing

  • Sound Healing Therapy 

  • Chakra Healing 

Welcome and Thank You for Visiting,


I am an Intuitive Creative Yoga Wellness Guide. I have had an active personal practice since 2006. The yoga path has brought peace to my mind, heart, body, and spirit that I was always in search of, but never quite able to find before. For me, the Yoga pathway is like connecting the dots, creating a full circle of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance in our body, mind, heart, and soul. We become passionate about that which we love, and I am passionate about sharing this wonderful journey with others. I believe the first process in any Yoga or Meditation class is to be fully present; connect to the breath and surrender with love and acceptance. Everyone has a different life history, and we store our history in our body, heart, and mind.  Every person’s Yoga and Meditation will look and feel different; that is the beauty of this pathway. It can be tailored to each person’s uniqueness.

My classes and meditations are soft, smooth, creative, and guided with love and acceptance.  I believe with a regular practice of Yoga and Meditation; you CAN change your life. 

I was involved in developing a Teen and Staff Wellness program in which I spent years guiding high school adolescents and faculty members in breathing exercises, mindful and meditation practices along with gentle Yoga movements.  This offering is via ZOOM, Video's, and in-person and currently still in session. 


I specialize in Guiding Meditation Journeys, Breathing Experiences, Yoga Therapy Tune Up Balls, Somatic Movement, Chanting, Yoga for Tight and Stiff Bodies, Gentle Yoga, and  Beginners Slow Flow Movement.  I offer Sound Healing and often weave Reiki and Energy Healing into my classes.  

I teach as if we are all suffering from some form of hidden trauma, addiction, mental health, and chronic pain.  I am a devote of Kundalini Yoga, following and sharing the path of Ayurveda Holistic Health, the Science of Life (the sister companion to Yoga). I combine many styles of Yoga, Meditation, and Pathways to best suit the needs of my clients. I am first and forever a student of Yoga and Meditation. I continue to study, evolve and practice what I teach. 


Peace ~ Love ~ Blessings 

Teja Padmani Kaur 

Yoga Deb 

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