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I am so grateful to practice yoga with Deb.  Deb has a very calming voice and as a result I am filled with a sense of peace and well-being.  I especially like the end of the practice with the Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation we are currently doing.   I can use it to fall asleep at night as well.  
Elizabeth ~ New Jersey 

Every time I attend Deb’s kundalini yoga class, I feel so refreshed, energized, and ready for my day! The night before her class I am excited with anticipating of class in the morning. Deb herself is such a kind soul, and very knowledge about the yoga practice.

Narjes Taherian

My students at ETHS are very lucky to have Mrs. Coats on campus! She has been teaching mindfulness and meditation to my Health and Psychology classes for several years. She has a calming style and tone that always puts students at ease right away. Mrs. Coats additionally incorporates a positive and motivational message in her lesson to bring in an important Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) component. My students always want to know when she is coming back to class!

"Deb is a very intuitive and thoughtful yoga instructor.   She really listens to her students and is considerate of their level of yoga experience and any physical limitations they have while guiding them through their practice.


She generously gives her time, focus and energy to others to help them improve their yoga practice.  She shares her knowledge and experiences with yoga, diet and meditation to help others learn about and make meaningful and healthy changes in their lives.


She teaches her classes from the heart and displays a peaceful confidence that inspires us to continue embracing such a beneficial practice.


I feel grateful and blessed every chance I get to receive her patient and kind instruction in this yoga practice, it’s truly made a life changing impact on me mentally and physically."

E.P. ~ Mission Viejo, CA.


"Thank you so very much, you have helped me reconnect to my body and spirit.  Love V.B.

"Thank you for a beautiful retreat.  The love and care you put into this weekend was felt by all and so appreciated!" ~ guest

"Thank you so much for such an extraordinary and wonderful retreat.  The care and tone put into every practice and meal truly showed. " ~ J.P. 

“I look forward to Deb’s classes each week.  I can feel myself improving with time and patience. Her teachings help in so many more ways than just the yoga movement and breath work. Deb encourages me, I am blessed to have found her.”

 And I mean it. ~ D.H. Mission Viejo

"Deb Coats has been my Yoga Guru for over 5 years.  I love her classes, she cares about the people in her class.  She always asks if anyone has an issue with a particular area of their body and makes sure she gives them options for different poses.   I had a stress heart attack two and half years ago and the breathing Deb taught me helped me in the hospital to relax.   When I am stressed at work now I chant "OM  MA NI PADME HUM"

~ A.W. Lake Forest

"I feel compelled to let everyone know what an amazing Yoga Instructor Deb is!  Her class is the only Yoga Class I have ever attended that I did not feel intimidated at all.  She speaks in a way that is understandable and explains the poses as she goes along in a way that I feel comfortable doing them.  Her voice is so calming and relaxing that I almost feel like I am in a meditative state during the entire class.  I feel like the stretching that we do not only works all areas of my body in a way that I feel is beneficial to my physical health, but also beneficial to my mental health as I am not worrying the whole time that I am doing them correctly.  I am comfortable and relaxed with Deb and to me, that is what Yoga should be about.  Thank you Deb, you make Yoga what it should be!" ~Darcy… Portervile, CA

"Deb leads an amazing practice!  She always adapts positions to fit our not-so-flexible bodies and sore joints, so that everyone can participate as fully as possible.  Since attending her classes, I haven’t been to the chiropractor for my pinched nerve.  I always look forward to her yoga classes!"

~ V.R. Lake Forest 

"When Debbie used the energy of Reiki on me, she had so much energy running through her hands. I could feel where she was focusing on my body even though my eyes were closed.   

She is very intuitive and was able to give me all the things my body needed.  I loved it so much and I felt great after our session."  

~Donna G, Utah


"Debbie is by far one of the best yoga teachers I've ever experienced.  The smooth flow of her voice  put me at ease and allowed me to follow everything she was asking us to do.  

I love that she is certified and trained in using therapy balls also because it really released tension I didn't even know I had.

My experience was the best I've ever had during a yoga session. I highly recommend her as an instructor. "

~Donna G, Utah 

"My husband and I have been taking yoga classes for the last few months with Deb and the class is exactly what we were looking for.  She is an excellent teacher and uses a no-judgement philosophy that is very encouraging to everyone in the class.  She is calm and her knowledge of yoga and all the benefits it provides are apparent in each class.  We will continue to follow her wherever she goes since we have found it very beneficial and relaxing.  Anyone seeking a great yoga experience will be very happy with Deb."  ~Patricia Abahusayn

"I have chronic lower back stiffness and osteo-arthritis in both knees.  Deb’s yoga classes have helped a great deal to improve my mobility.  The classes are relaxing, with enough time devoted to each pose to allow you to get the full benefit from each posture.

The transitions from one pose to another are well thought out, resulting in a very smooth flow for the duration of the class.

After participating in her healing and stretching class, I felt I was actually walking more easily, with more fluidity in the hips and knees.

Looking forward to participating in her classes in the future."

~Jeanette Bentley

“Debra is such a kind and loving yoga guide.  She offers a gentle approach and is aware of her students' boundaries.  She has been my mentor through my yoga teacher training and I have learned a lot from her heartfelt words and inspiration.  I love working with her as a retreat co-host and look forward to many more to come." ~ DB

"I have been taking yoga classes with Debra for a few years. Her yoga class brings such a calm yet fulfilling experience.  Leaving the class I always feel so revived.  Debra has an amazing way of teaching YOGA!"  Namaste JS

"Deb Coats' yoga class opened my eyes to what yoga is really about.  Before her class I just went through the poses, trying to go as far as I could in the pose and not thinking beyond that.  In her class I learned about the importance of breath work, meditation, calming my mind, and modifications for poses.  Since I've been diagnosed with RA the modifications she has us do in class are unbelievably helpful.  I've also attended three of her yoga retreats which are amazing!!  They are done in a beautiful setting, with breath work, meditation, silence, a craft (making mala beads, reflection journal), fantastic healthy food, chanting, and friendship.  She has opened up a new world to me and I love it! " Trbuco Canyon ~ D.M. 

"Deb has found her calling! "

"Her energy, skill and attention to her students is remarkable.  Deb has a unique style to her teaching and her passion and innovation for yoga and her students never ceases to amaze me.  I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and I would (and do) recommend Deb’s classes to all levels of yogis." Aliso Viejo ~ Mary

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