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I’m not even sure where to begin when it comes to Reiki.  You can google the word Reiki and learn about its origins.  I’ve personally experienced Reiki sessions where nothing has happened and I’ve had sessions where the experience was out of this world both as a receiver and a giver of Reiki.  I think a lot of things come into play when it comes to Reiki.  It all comes down to, have no expectations.  Come with an openness to allow the process to work.  Make sure you feel a connection with your practitioner. Be comfortable and have no distractions.  Allow yourself time to experience without a deadline, feel safe and supported by your guide and don’t be afraid to ask questions during your session.

Reiki is a form of hands-on or hands-hovering above the body from head to toe, while moving and connecting to energy that gets stuck.  A good session will last about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your need.   It’s a form of offering love, acceptance, healing, and the purest of pure to our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.   We can offer it to ourselves and to others.  No matter if you’ve been trained in Reiki healing or not, I believe that there are people with the natural ability to help others feel better.   I would recommend you try several Reiki practitioners and experience this for yourself.  Have no judgment if you experience nothing.   


My style of Reiki is transmitting and channeling divine energy, intuitive and can be verbal.    I often communicate to you during the process with what I am feeling and sensing and seeing as I connect with your energy.   We store our feelings and emotions in our body and Reiki can be a release for us.  It's like a bath from the in-side out.  Reiki is offered through the guidance of our guides, Angels, and God's blessings.   I'll leave you with a breath practice and yoga posture or poses that may help you on your healing journey.   

NEW OFFERINGS = Distant Reiki + Intuitive +Energy Work.  

Offerings via Face Time.  Anytime is the right time to clear the stuck energy.   A session is about 45 minutes, depending on the work needed.  Have a note pad or recorder ready to take notes of your session.  

Face Time Session $ 50.00.   E-mail to schedule your appointment. 

In-person appointments aver very limited. 

Sage-ing, Smudging and Blessing (CURRENTLY NOT BEING OFFERED)

An old ceremony and practice to cleanse the home and body of captured stagnant, stuck, or negative energies.   We can all relate to standing next to someone who has unfriendly or heavy vibrations.  We can all relate to walking into a home or building that feels a bit creepy….. Why does this happen? 

Perhaps there was a traumatic incident that took place.

Perhaps you just encountered a person that was in an argument or has a negative mind-set.

Perhaps someone passed away and part of their spirit/soul was left behind.

Energy can get stuck, vibrations can be left and that can be transferred to you.   Energy and vibrations are like static, it can cling to you.  Good and bad energy.  That’s why when someone has good energy, we want to stay in their presence.

When you learn to listen to your own instincts, you know when something doesn’t feel right.  This is the perfect time to sage and bless yourself and surroundings.  

Sage-ing is an act that is performed by burning sage and dusting it in your home, on your body, or items.  Every corner is smudged (dusted) in your home, even the bathrooms and closets.   The process has no time limit; it can be quick or long depending on the home and energy.  It is recommended that your home be clear of clutter, as tidy as you can make it.  All windows and doors should be wide open.   A sag-ing might clear up the energies in one session or it may take several.  Remember, vibrations cling to us.  

Sage-ing  the body is done from the tip of the head to the souls of the feet.  Stand like a star-fish, and the outline of the body is dusted both front and back.

I work with our Angels and Guides along with God's blessing as a light transmitter, channeling and blessing the space or person that has collected the un-rested spirit and unwanted energy.  

Sage-ing is offered as a blessing and service.  If you feel as if this service has blessed your home and yourself, a donation to my charity is appreciated. 

Available locally only.


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