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The Ocean as our Teacher.

I traveled to the Ocean today. I’ve just spent two hours wandering the beach, sitting in rock piles, and digging for sea glass and shells. I’ve never taken my computer with me, but today I did and wrote this newsletter. Who wouldn’t want a home office with a beach view? The smell, the sound, the view… this makes my heart happy. I love the Ocean; it’s one of our greatest teachers. It's loving, kind, and forgiving; but it’s also violent, cruel, and selfish. Just like a human. Today is a peaceful day at the beach with calm waves and beautiful colors of blue. The sounds and the shades of blue are calming and soothing. I’ve also seen the ocean raging with wild waves, gobbling up the beaches and swallowing the sand in a fit of storming gray gluttony. Just like a human - we have days of calm, peace, and absolute tranquility - blessing everyone around us with a blue vibration of kindness. However, we can also be that stormy ocean that gobbles all the energy in a space leaving destruction and emptiness. We’ve all been both. Understanding ourselves is a key factor in understanding what type of ocean we are channeling. The ocean is inside of us. After all, when we cry and sweat, we’re salty just like the ocean is salty. Too much salt and the food spoils; just enough salt and the food is delicious.

Yoga is a great pathway in understanding our energy and what type of ocean we are. I’ve been working on myself for the last 16 years. I had to fall apart many times. I’ve been that storm and I’ve been the receiver of that storm. It’s a constant wave of self-love and forgiveness. People ask me how they can change their lives and I can only share my journey and what worked for me. YOGA…daily yoga. It doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult, but some form of gentle yoga and meditation. I first started by attending one yoga class a week, then two, and then three. Three was my magic number. From there, I was able to craft my personal practice. I have cried salty tears; I have perspired salty sweat; I have laughed, forgiven, loved, and rested on my yoga mat. I found my inner Ocean breath and connected to God on my yoga mat. I found myself on my yoga mat.

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