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My Grandmother's Hands

I remember being a young girl sitting with my grandmother, holding her hands. I would play with her blood veins, caress her age spots and soak up her soft touch. She would give me a chuckle and tell me, “Someday your hands will look like mine.” I’ve been told many times that my hands look old. This used to upset me, but now I take it as a compliment. There is nothing we can do but embrace time and the effect it has on our body. When we attach our worth to youth, it brings us into conflict with our bodies. We blame our body for not looking and feeling 20 and our body reacts to that blame with dis-ease. I’ve come to find the crone faze of life a wonderful blessing, if not comical at times.

I love to use my hands; they are directly connected to the heart. We love with our hands; we offer kindness in a tender touch. Our hands touch everything we eat. We care for our bodies and take care of babies with our hands. I think this is why touch healing is such a wonderful unique experience and one that I love to offer. When we combine touch healing while being connected to God, Angels, and a higher awareness, we can experience deep states of healing. Healing can sometimes uncover trauma and sadness as we open up and balance energies in the body, but know you are completely guided during the process from the purest form of love. Hands-on healing or Reiki is a form of discovery and in that discovery, we find love, acceptance, we let go and perhaps we begin to heal. Hand touch healing can also bring a powerful charge of energy that can leave you buzzing for hours and sometimes, even days. Each experience is unique.

The next time you look at your hands and think, OMG... they look old, think of all the times they touched another life in love and kindness. How many times your hands brought food to your mouth. How many times your hands cared for your own body and supported you in your journey. How many letters, stories, paintings, presents, cookies, coffees, and games your hands were part of. Kiss your hands and then place them on your heart and breathe. You are loved.

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