Ladies Mini Retreats 
This is a great way to come together to explore ways of learning, to express our own path,  and to discover we're not alone in the universe.  Being in a space with other ladies helps us connect to a greater since of being.  Whether we come together to learn, share, explore, or just be... 
Ladies Mini Retreats
During C19 = we have postponed 2020 mini retreats.
Check back for more dates and themes. 
Past Ladies Mini Retreats
  • All about Angels
  • Mermaid for a Day
  • Balancing the Sun and Moon
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Goddess for a day
  • Vision Board (every year)
  • Mother Earth Zen Garden 
  • Lotus Flower Paint Night
  • Beach House weekend retreat
  • Night of Serenity
  • Prayer Flags
  • Cooking with Daphne 
  • Paper Flowers 
  • Pumpkin Paint Night

Vision Board ZOOM Workshop 

January 10th at 12:30PM

Cost $25.00 payable via Venmo


Join me for a 2021 Vision Board Workshop.  I’ve been guiding vision board workshops for over 10 years.  I love the process of putting your dreams, goals, wishes, and hopes on a board in a creative way.  This is all about you and your unique goals.   Creating in a group is extremely powerful.  This year is a bit different as we will be ZOOMING but we can still be a group manifesting together.


January 10th, 2021

ZOOM Vision Board Workshop in 2 Parts


Part 1 = 12:30PM Jan 10

We’ll gather on ZOOM

*  Intro to creating your vision board

*  Gentle seated yoga stretches to prepare the body

*  Guided breath meditation to prepare the mind, heart, and spirit

Log-off and create your vision board. (or stay connected if that’s better for you) Keep an eye on the time as we’ll be back together at 3:30.


Part 2 = 3:30PM Jan 10th.

We’ll gather back on ZOOM (if logged off)

*  3-minute each - share your vision board (not required but recommended)

*  Gentle on the floor (back) yoga stretch to unwind the body

*  Guided breath and meditation to complete the process

What you should have for your Vision Board creation

*  Magazines (I recommend 3-5 magazines)

*  Glue and or tape

*  Scissors (some people like to use a cutting board)

*  Foam board, cardboard, or something to glue your visions on (recommended size - )

*  Markers

*  Extra color paper (like card stock, some people like to back their pictures)

*  One letter envelope and note paper 

*  Anything else you wish to embellish your board with.


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